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A hot take that’s extremely bias. Change my mind?

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But that’s just me tho…🐸☕️

I wanted to talk more about my dad and some of my favorite things about our relationship. My dad loves making music. Music is a thing in my family even on my mom’s side. People usually either lean towards producing music, singing like my sister, playing instruments or the other spectrum of art and draw or performing.

My dad use to send me letters on how to read music & sent me my first instruments when I was younger. Which were held from me. I still have those letters.

Even now my dad still produces music & loves it just for the sake of making it. I think it’s where my love for music came from. One of my favorite memories is sitting with him while he would make beats & occasionally drop lore about himself. He would give e me some info on the culture in “his day” and eventually he’d just get lost in his music.

Smoking weed together is probably another fun memory lol and recently we went for a walk around Beverly Hills and had a nice talk with each other last time I was in Cali.

I like that I can talk to him about anything. He told me he feels like he can be himself around me and that made me happy.

It’s weird because me and my dad have very similar upbringings & I think that’s why we get each other but also why we bud heads so hard.

I know it’s why I love creative people or seeing people create whatever that is for them. My dad also draws & so did my grandfather. So like I said art generally is a thing my family has always loved to do & still loves. I use to sing in choir because of my mom & I still sing with my sister because it’s a bonding thing for us because I’m very shy with singing despite my sister saying I shouldn’t be. I only sing around her or to my daughter.

I just got more into reading, drawing & instruments. I can play the guitar, recorder, piano, & violin.

Anyway most of my good times with my dad & honestly my family is music & deep talks.

Probably why I love nerds lmfao. Passion for anything is attractive. Drive & seeing someone get lost in creating is something I love to watch.

Going to beach was always a thing me and my dad did. Connecting with water & nature is a thing in our culture. I like that we share that together. I love swimming & sunbathing. My dad has shown me a lot about himself & it’s why I like complexity in a person. You don’t need to be a knight in shining armor because I don’t need saving. I don’t want the “bad boy” because I love myself to a standard. The “bad boy” will never compare to that or give me what I need.

I love my dad. I’m grateful for what he’s shared with me & what he’s taught me.

The best parts of him I do feel like is what makes a real man. He’s very protective of me, knows how to hustle & provides for his family no matter what, book smart (he went to college for music) and street smart. He teaches me everything he knows from that. His flaws & vulnerabilities taught me to be kind/nurturing to a man’s vulnerability/moments of weakness because they do exist.

I’ll never take advantage/make fun of someone’s weaknesses/vulnerabilities.

It could be mines the next day for all I know.

That’s what my dad has taught me.

That’s just me tho.

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✨Sometimes I Think. Sometimes I Don’t Chronicles🤡 ✨

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Hey besties,

I’ll be taking some time off for my vacation. I’ll also still be updating the songs of day with one of my favorite playlists once a week for the next two weeks & maybe squeeze something in if I can. Meanwhile enjoy the vibes from my favorite playlists. I love you 💕


I love you and ALWAYS love ya self💕