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Hey besties,

I hope you’ve been having an awesome week since last time we talked. I’ve been dealing with school & aside from that dating life has been..entertaining. Though it’s not my main focus right now. I’m just having fun. From the outside lens it’s kinda confusing💀 but my personal love life is known for those who need to know. That’s how I like it. Anyway, I was touring for some houses and dealing with that too. My credit score is looking real good so I’m so excited for the move. May 20th is the official date🙌🏼 Moving to the boonies and I’m all for it. Never really been a huge city girl.

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That’s Just Me Tho☕️🐸
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But that’s just me tho…🐸☕️

A hot take that’s extremely bias. Change my mind?

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“Its Just A Preference vs Fetishizing “

So,I’m multiracial. I’m Samoan,Puerto Rican,& African American. I was talking to this Mexican girl and she asked me “do you like black guys?” with a smirk. I can’t hide my facial expressions to save my life and I tried to mask my reaction & failed despite trying to hide my judgment. I told her I wasn’t the type of person to go after that specifically because I like who I like. I could tell it rubbed her the wrong way or she was embarrassed. She asked what ethnicity I was & she told me soon after she didn’t think I was black because of my hair that was straightened at the time. I think she was comfortable saying that she liked dating black guys because I didn’t look like I was black or her idea of a black person. It’s not the first time or probably not my last with people being comfortable saying things regarding one of my ethnicities.

Generally I find it weird when people fetishize ANY ethnicity or race. It’s weird and will always be weird to me. Ofc date who you want, whatever. There is a difference when you intentionally go after someone because of racial preferences. When your past dating experiences only reflect a certain ethnicity is weird. I feel like it’s unattractive even more so if you don’t find your own people/culture attractive. Not saying if you don’t date inside your culture you’re wrong or anything like that. I’m mixed so, I mean I’m all for interracial relationships okay lol

Just saying it’s usually really obvious when a person either has some internal issues about their own culture. They usually project that into their dating life, personal opinions,or end up fetishizing someone. I stay far away from people like that when dating at least. Personally a turn off for me and low key a red flag. At the end of the day do what you want. That’s just me though.

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Hey besties

The naughty corner is probably going to be realistically uploaded sometime this week at the latest but I will try to get it up there as soon as I can💕


I love you and ALWAYS love ya self💕