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The Story Of It’s Complicated

I wanted to talk about my dad. I do in fact have father wounds or “daddy issues” but thank god for therapy right?

Firstly, I want it known, I love my Dad. He has his own issues & his life before I was born. So I’m not slandering him in this. Tho if I wanted to talk shit..only I can because I have that right.

Anyway, my dad as far I can remember wasn’t around until I was about 17/18 ish or when I met him irl. He was constantly in & out of jail so he wasn’t around. Like I said earlier he had his own stuff going on with certain affiliations & ties to things.

Even as a kid I still loved my dad. He would try to write letters to me and my brother, but my step dad would burn them & say he wasn’t our dad or beat my mother if she did anything to speak up about it.

My dad has always been very protective of me which is another reason I’ve learned to limit myself and what I say about my life generally. “Never put me in a situation I don’t want to be in” was what I was told by him when I learned that.

In hindsight my past choices in partners I think was subconsciously influenced by my dad. At least for sure with one guy who was definitely a long lesson that taught me a lot. I do like a person who isn’t spine less, a leader, with book smarts & street smarts so that’s definitely because of him. He’s taught me a lot & put me on a lot game with certain things.

My dad calls me Jr.

I’m his first born child & I have a brother so you’d think that doesn’t make any sense. It didn’t make any sense to me either but I just went with it and eventually I understood. I think my dad sees a lot of himself in me.

My brother is kind of passive and way more introverted than even I am. So maybe that’s why? Idk. My dad has always showed me how certain men think unintentionally & occasionally he would tell me things about how guys are.

For example that guy I mentioned before? My dad mentioned that he didn’t like him because he reminded him of himself when he was younger. I didn’t want to listen despite being aware that he wasn’t a good guy for me even before that. It’s very rare I let anyone meet my dad. People already judge him a lot because of him being a felon and being a black man on top of that.

He’s cut me off before.. & I’ve done the same because if we exchanged words with each other when we’re upset it’s almost never good. I don’t like saying things I’ll regret because I believe in the power of the tongue.

Now, I can spot a “playboy”(all these applies to females too. Because trust me they exist💀)

narcissist, or any type of emotional manipulation a mile away. If anything with my parental issues have taught me what to avoid & learn to be observant.

People usually tell on themselves eventually. I’m not perfect or trying to hold my pinky up. I just thought I’d bring up that my “daddy issues” are a thing and because of that I’ve grown into an emotionally mature adult despite what people assume with these kinda issues. Hell, I got family issues honestly…but I won’t let those dictate my character or my success.

I think that’s why I feel a strong distrust with men generally and people..but I’m working on that. I don’t typically like anyone buying me things or seek being fully dependent on someone especially financially. If I do it’s a choice & I have to REALLY trust them because that is a dangerous situation to be in.

My grandma always told me to have my own money and life outside of a man. A man that controls you with money is a man that controls your livelihood & holds power over you. My mom’s side of the family like to use their looks and other shit to get with men who have money. I’ve grown up refusing to be like that. My success will be my own and so nobody can throw in my face “what they’ve done” for me to belittle me or my accomplishments. I’ve always looked out for myself.

I always have… and always will make my own money, my own life, & friends outside my partner. I refuse to center myself around one person. I’m proud of that.

That’s Just Me Tho🙏🏼

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Hey besties,

Finally moved into the new place & handling some some other stuff. I still have some unpacking to do😭but I’m actually doing good for day 3. Just 3 or so boxes left. Anyway as I was saying before I will update when I can. I’ll also still be updating the songs of day more accurately and update it everyday. I love you 💕


I love you and ALWAYS love ya self💕