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Sooo I’m super excited to share my experiences soon. I’m going to a nudist community soon & I obviously won’t be able to take pictures so I’ll just tell you guys how it went & I get to cross off another thing off my long ass bucket list. How do y’all feel about nudist or nudity in general?

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“Studying The 🐦s & The 🐝s”

This is a little embarrassing to talk about but it’s the naughty corner so here we are. I can openly say I’m a switch. That doesn’t take away from the fact I LOVE to please. when I was younger I studied more about body anatomy & how I can stimulate myself & my partner & accommodate accordingly to how they like. But I really like the science behind it too honestly. I feel like I put a lot into a person when I’m with someone. which why I can’t sleep or be physical with everyone I date or go on dates with.

It’s a mental thing that has to pull me in even for something casual. You could be physically attractive or have something super desirable about you & if we aren’t clicking mentally I just can’t go there even if I want to. It’s frustrating because my mind & body are in tuned with each other so it makes it harder for me to find someone physically sometimes. Masturbation is definitely something I appreciate because it helps me not be co dependent on others. I get my check ups and blood tested done consistently for my physical & sexual health. It’s really important to me. I was put in groups as a pre teen where they inform you about STDs & all that. Man, I’m 26 & still have the images in bedded in my head to this day.

I like messing with aphrodisiacs or experimenting generally. I think it’s important to have someone who understands your sexual boundaries & is willing to explore with you too. It makes sex & your relationship with sex way more fun & healthy. Nothing is wrong with how many ppl you sleep with, what you’re into or who you don’t sleep with. As long as there’s mutual consent & you’re being responsible, have fun whatever. Your body your choice✊🏼no matter who you are, is what I always say.

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