Reason #1 Not to Hire a Social Media Manager


Alright, I know this post may seem counter intuitive since I myself am a social media manager, but before you think I’ve lost my marbles hear me out.

I’ve been doing social media marketing for  8+ years and have heard every excuse in the book for why a company has decided not to hire a social media manager. I wanted to take this time to either help those social media marketers get past those obstacles, or help companies who are having those thoughts realize why hiring a professional is a good idea!

Without further ado… Reason #1 for not hiring a social media manager:

I can do it myself / there is someone in the office who can run the sites.

The classic “I can do it myself” excuse. I would bet that any professional has run into this excuse. People have a desire to save money and do things themselves, and that’s just fine! If companies truly want to run their own social media sites, who am I to tell them otherwise?

But, to this excuse I always ask one question: “Is what you’re doing accomplishing your goals?” This question is typically greeted with a version of “I haven’t had time / I post when I can” or “not really”. This is because most of the time people spend their energy on posting what they want to tell their customers vs taking the time to understand what their customer wants to hear.

This point and many more are what separates a social media marketer from the receptionist at your office who has some free time and posts funny memes she has seen to your Facebook page. Social media marketers take the time to figure out when to post, what type of content to post, what social media site to post certain content to, and why. Just like you wouldn’t hire an intern to create a billboard ad for you, you shouldn’t hire an intern to run your social media accounts. It’s a form of marketing just like billboard ads, magazine ads, radio ads and more.

So when you hear someone say, “I don’t need to hire a social media marketer for my social media sites, ask them, “How is that working for you?” and smile while you hear their response 🙂


Reason #2… next week. Stay tuned.