How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing without Involving Your Ego– Part 1


You’ve created a social media profile, now what? Unless you are one of the biggest brands in the world such as Coca-Cola or Apple, the general population may not have heard of you and attracting brand advocates could be difficult. This means it will take some work to get noticed and as well as keeping visitors coming back. However, with these easy to follow tips, you’ll be on your way to success.

Leave Your Ego at Home
Most sites won’t maintain a solid following base if they only put out egocentric content. Avoid this ego trip by providing current content that will allow your followers to gain insight into your business and industry without being plagued with messages and advertisements about your company.

Don’t Advertise
It may sound counterproductive, but you don’t want your postings to sound like you are advertising to your followers. Just like you don’t like to follow people who talk about every little thing that goes on in their life and never give you a chance to respond, people don’t like to follow a business that is egocentric. People log into Facebook to be entertained and to create and maintain relationships, so sending them your advertisements may make your followers annoyed. If your followers see that all you are posting are things about your company and boasting about what you have accomplished people may get bored and either block or unfollow you.

Provide Interesting Content
Instead of creating all of your posts to let people know about what is going on at your company, use this space to post about things that relate to the industry you’re in. This means, for instance, if you’re in the music industry and there is news about a band, you can inform your followers of the current event. This could also be something as simple as hearing that a band is giving away a free song download; you can let your audience know about it and provide a link to the download site. (If possible, it might be a good idea to make the link open in a new tab to ensure the customer isn’t straying away from your site).

Stay tuned– Part 2 will include the final three steps that may help bring your social media marketing plan full circle without drowning your audience in egocentric posts.

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