How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing without Involving Your Ego– Part 2


You’ve learned how to leave your ego at home by not advertising to your audience and providing them with interesting content. Keep your audience interested in your content and continuously coming back to your site by following these simple steps.

Engage Your Audience
The next step would be to ask questions or post comments that your audience can respond to. You could say things such as, “Listen to ((Band XYZ’s)) track and let us know what you think!” or “The singer from ((Band XYZ)) used to be the lead singer in ((Band HIJ)). Which sound do you prefer?” Engaging the audience is a key part of social media. Let your followers know that you care about their opinion and give them a chance to voice their thoughts. Using your social media sites to spark conversation may set you apart from others in your industry.

Listen & Respond
After you ask questions of your followers, don’t think that your job is done. There is one key step that many companies can forget, and that’s responding to the answers your followers are giving to your questions. Just like in conversation you don’t want to ask a question, get a response and leave it, this would kill the conversation and doesn’t make your company seem interested. Once your audience has given an answer to your question, respond back. Let them know you are paying attention and genuinely care about what they think.

Frequency is Key
After these steps have been implemented, repeat. It’s important to keep updating your content, providing new information and keep your site current. These are the things that keep your audience coming back and commenting on your posts.

Remember you can give information about your company, after all people are following your company because they like you, but just be careful the content you’re providing doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. Rather your content should be informative, but also include a place for people to learn about your industry, voice their opinion and carry on conversations with you. Having all these components may create a well-rounded social media campaign that could keep people checking your site and responding to your questions.

View How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing without Involving Your Ego– Part 1 here:

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