The Productivity Hangover


As everyone knows, there are some days where you just seem to get more done than others. Days where you wake up and know that you are going to be incredibly productive. These days are great, especially when you have a lot of things you have put on the back burner, or things you have been putting off for a while. These days you wake up and something inside of you lets you know that you will finally cross those things off of your to do list.

For me, this is the best feeling. I go to bed that night and feel incredibly good about myself and feel as though I accomplished everything that day.

The thing I want to discuss is the day after your productive day, or as I call it: “the productivity hangover”. I don’t know about you, but the problem with having a really productive day is that the next day you seem to have lost all of your motivation. You feel as though you got so much done that you are almost exhausted and think you can give yourself the day off.

So how do I get over the, “you did so much yesterday that you know what would be a good idea today? A nap!” feeling? I have found that doing something low key such as writing, sipping coffee, wearing more comfortable clothes (maybe a sweater and flats for those with a business casual dress code) and listening to some up-beat music gets me over the “hang-over”.  I find that if I can be productive in a relaxing way I am more willing to work.

It doesn’t have to be writing if that’s not your thing, but maybe it’s cleaning out your e-mail, making another to-do list, or just focusing on small tasks with many intermittent visits to your favorite online site (did someone says Pinterest?). Doing small tasks, no matter how tedious, make it feel like the day wasn’t a waste especially since they need to get done anyways.

How do you get motivated the day after a long day?


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