Social Media For B2B Companies


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Many companies who serve businesses struggle with how to use social media effectively and instinctively stick to LinkedIn and go no further. Luckily there are other ways to use social media for those B2B companies.

The first question you should ask yourself before you sign up for, or start anything is, “What do I hope to accomplish with these sites?” Do you want to connect with your customers, do you want to connect with other businesses, or show off the inside workings of your company? Deciding what you want to focus on will determine which site you use and how you will use it. So let’s delve into a few options for B2B companies and when each option will be helpful for accomplishing your social media goals.


Blogs help a company show off their extensive knowledge of the industry, or give more detail about new products or services. Blogs are a great space to go further into technical detail about your company or products. It is a more specialized way of explaining your products or services. Plus you can post links to your social media sites in order to get more exposure.


This can be a great place to talk about current industry news. Other companies, and maybe even your partners or news companies are on LinkedIn. You can either post your own information or repost other companies posts. Since LinkedIn is geared to work related items, you can post industry news to your heart’s content without confusing your customers. Plus you can use LinkedIn to talk to companies in a more professional manner.


Feel like showing off the more personal side to your company? Instagram is a way to show off the inner workings of your office, new products, or even customers enjoying your product.

products on Instagram

(and before you get all high and mighty, yes i realize this isn’t a B2B company. it’s just an example of showing your product being used)


Is your product something that may be hard to explain, but simple to show? Rather than accepting the fact that you’re going to have to explain this to each potential client, use video to demonstrate how your product works. YouTube is also a fun way to show off the less serious side of your office. You could make a video of your office lip syncing a song, or doing chair races.

You could even go a little more professional and do office trivia or show off a tutorial of your employees using your product. Code42 has some wonderful videos that are fun and informative.


What do you think? Are there more social media sites that B2B companies can utilize? Do these work for B2B companies? Leave your comment in the section below!


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