Ask Yourself: Does It Relate To Me?


Each year around major holidays, events or trending topics it seems as though every company feels the need to give their two cents. By this I mean the #NeverForget from each company on 9/11 or #HappyThanksgiving on Thanksgiving. In my opinion companies shouldn’t be posting things unless the holiday relates to their company directly.

Everyone knows what I’m talking about. You log onto your social media account one day and all you see a newsfeed full of #HappyThanksgiving posts. Unless you forgot it was Thanksgiving that day, I don’t think anyone likes to see hundreds of posts about people wishing their followers a Happy Thanksgiving.

I think a good rule of thumb would be to not post a generic saying unless you have something going on that is directly related to the holiday, event or trending topic. By this I mean do you have a sale going on that day, are you having an event to commemorate… you get the idea. If the answer is “no, I’m not doing anything related to the holiday”, I would say you should avoid the generic post because it’s just adding clutter to your follower’s newsfeed.

The other side to this is posting about something just because it is currently trending. We all know that posting about trending topics will get you into the list of people who are also posting about trending topics and that it might make your post be seen by people other than your followers. The problem comes in when your posting about a trending topic but your company doesn’t have anything to relate to it. The post comes off a bit desperate and strange to those who typically follow you.

Let’s say for instance you are a brewery and all of a sudden you switch your posts from what beer is on tap today to #votecherlloyd. Unless you’ve frequently posted about how much you love her music, the post will seem random and probably won’t be received well from your followers; that is unless you have a large group of followers who either love or hate Cher Lloyd.

However, if you are a music company who works with Cher Lloyd and you post #votecherlloyd, the hashtag is completely appropriate and the trending topic can be exploited. The key is choosing which trending topic is directly related with you and your message.

The best way to avoid posting things just because they are trending is to ask yourself, “Does it relate to me?”


What do you think? Is it appropriate for companies to randomly join into the trending conversation or should they wait until a trend relates to them?


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