Tip 4: What Do Your Social Media Fans Want From You?

fb insights timing- 4.14.15

Alright, these tips so far have been pretty self-explanatory, right? Log in, look at information / graphs, change posts accordingly. Done. Well, this one is still pretty easy, but requires a little more thought and planning. Don’t let that scare you off! I promise it’s not labor intensive, nor does it require you to be technologically savvy! Just stick with me while I run through this, and I promise it will all see easy in the end!

The initial steps are still the same:

1. Log into your Facebook business page

2. Click on “Insights” on the top of the page

3. Click on “Posts”

4. Click on “Post Types”

So, looking at this graph, we want to focus on the “engagement” section. Look at the posts that received the most engagement. Is there a common theme that runs through any of them? Do you talk about similar topics? Was the phrasing similar? (i.e. Was the post left on a cliff hanger that made the reader click a link to get the rest of the information? Were you talking about a specific topic?….) If so, you can know that your fans want to hear content similar to those posts. **Note how I said similar and not the same? That’s because you don’t want to keep posting the EXACT same posts over and over thinking your customers will react the same way every time.**

Don’t see a theme? It’s time to start one! Write down what you think that post is about. (i.e. The post that got the most engagement on the graph above is about “A Blog A Day” and which blogs I read in order to stay current on social media news. I would say that is a link, a blog about what social media blogs I read, and maybe makes the reader wonder what the blog is about, so they wanted to click on the post.) Do this for the top 3 posts and from there create content or posts that are similar or center around a similar topic. After you post those go back and check how those posts performed. Did they do well? Great! Try that again without being redundant. Didn’t perform well? Start the process over with the posts that week that got the most engagement.

This is a process that requires a little bit of work, but is probably one of the most effective and worth while tips.

See not so bad once you understand, right?!


Questions? Comments? Leave them in the section below!


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