Tip 3: How to Know When You Should Be Posting

timing 45 sec- 4.21.15

Just as a billboard in the middle of the desert doesn’t reach anyone, a post on Facebook that you send out when you fans aren’t the site isn’t reaching your fans! So how do you ensure that your posts are reaching your fans? Find out what time your fans are logging onto Facebook, no mind reading required!

1. Log into your Facebook business page

2. Click on “Insights” on the top of the page

3. Click on “Posts”

4. Click on “When Your Fans Are Online”


So what does this graph mean? Well the top bar graph show you how many of your fans are logging in on a particular day. As you can see on the graph above, fans of this page are most active on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. So even if we don’t account for timing, posts on those days vs. any other day during the week, are more likely to reach more fans.

Let’s not stop there! Let’s take it one step further. The graph below the “days” graph is about times. This shows what time your fans are logging into Facebook. According to this graph, if we were to post between 5:00 pm & 9:00 pm, we would reach the most fans (i.e. posting on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday between 5:00 & 9:00 pm will reach the maximum number of fans).

If you really want to get technical, hovering over a specific day on the “days” graph will show a more detailed timing chart for that particular day.

detailed timing

Ta da! Now you know when your fans are online and you can post during those times in order to truly reach your fans!  Oh, and remember, your fans aren’t always going to be online during those times, so make sure you check back every so often.

What do you think? Easy enough?


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