Tip 2: Understanding What Type of Post Your Fans Want

45 sec commercial 4.14.15

Photos? Status? Link? All or none of one? Do you know what your fans want from you? You will if you follow these four simple steps!

1. Log into your Facebook business page

2. Click on “Insights” on the top of the page

3. Click on “Posts”

4. Click on “Post Types”

This information will show you the three types of posts and which one your fans seem to prefer. Not only will this graph tell you how many fans are seeing each type of message, but it will also tell you, on average, how many of your fans interact with each type of post. From this information you can get a better idea of how many of each type of post you should be sending out to your fans!

For instance, the graph above tells us that most of this Facebook page’s fans see status posts, will click on the link and either like or comment on the post. On photos the same number of fans (on average) will click on the post, however, less fans will like or comment on the photo. For posts containing links, the same number of fans (on average) will like or comment on the post, however not many will actually click the link.

So how do we proceed from here? Do we stop posting links and photos? NO! This just means that our fans like our posts that just have text, however, maybe we haven’t been posting the right phrasing with the links or photos that will entice fans to click and comment! The next step would be to post more posts with plain text, and experiment with wording and types of links and photos you are posting. Perhaps it’s not that your fans don’t like photos and links, but simply that you aren’t posting the types of photos and links your fans want to see.

With this knowledge you can proceed with more information and make changes to ensure that your Facebook business page even more customer centered than ever before!


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