Tip 1: Expand the Reach of Your Post


As some of you may or may not have noticed, Facebook has been choosing which fans of yours see your message and which ones don’t. There are many ways to reach more of your fans, but one of the easiest and most organic ways around this is to simply trick Facebook into thinking that your post that contains a link is actually just a text filled post. Facebook actually shows your posts that don’t have photos or links to more of your fans, so if Facebook thinks that your post is strictly text, your message will be seen by more of your fans. So how do we do this? Simple! Click the x underneath your post to remove the extra words and pictures from your post (twice)!

beforealmost after

Viola! You have a “link free” post that will be shown to more of your fans!

Easy enough right? Plus, it can help! Don’t believe me? Try if yourself : )


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