The Best Social Media Site for You


When companies first start using social media they initially go to Facebook and Twitter without fully examining their options. Each company is different and will benefit from a different social media site. I know there are a ton of sites out there that a company can use, but I have decided to look at Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, blogging and run through the benefits of each and how specific companies can attempt to help them understand which site will work the best for them.


Facebook is a great site to be on if you have a longer message that you would like to get out along with active customers who will comment on your postings. If you lack the active consumers it may seem like you are just talking to yourself and wind up frustrated.


Twitter is great if you have a lot of current information that you want to get out to your customers. This is great for things like the news, or restaurants who want to let their customers know about wait times for dinner or if they ran out of a certain item. If a company doesn’t have much to say, Twitter would most likely be a waste of time because there is so much clutter on the site that the message would get lost.


Foursquare is a great site for companies who have a set space that they want to have people check into. If customers have their Foursquare account linked up to either their personal Facebook or Twitter sites then the company is basically getting free advertising. The customer checks into the space and it posts to their site saying that they are there and shows off your company to everyone they are connected to.


Google+ is great if you are using Google Analytics for your website, if you use Google places for most of your reviews, or if you want to boost your Google ranking. Since Google+ is directly to all of your Google activity to using this site will make you have more links out in the internet world so you can possibly move up the Google searches. The only thing to be weary of when starting this is that the market usually desires a different message than the ones you put on Facebook and Twitter. If you decide to use this social media site you should ensure to create new messages than the ones you are posting to Facebook.


Blogging is great for companies who work in a specific area where consumers want to stay up to date on trends in that industry, or if you have enough information to say about your company to keep the blog up to date and ensure it doesn’t become stagnant. The second this happens you will lose a great chunk of your audience because they don’t want to keep coming back to a site that contains no new information.

Linking your blog to your social media sites is a great idea. Make sure to keep the tagline short, sweet and enticing. It should have a line that will draw users in, make them wonder what the posting will be about.

The trick to starting any social media campaign is to pick one or two sites and do them really well. It’s important not to spread yourself too thin because if you do that all of your sites suffer.

Hopefully this posting gave you a little more information about the social media sites out there. Again, I will stress that there are more sites out there to use, but since the majority of people are on these sites I wanted to allow you to see the different ways to use them and maybe show you which site you want to be on.


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