Effective Social Media Tips

Social networking and chat concept

I can’t stress this enough… not every social media platform works in the same way or attracts the same audience. It’s because of this that your strategy should be a little different for each site. The message you are sending can be similar, but there are a few changes that should be made in order to make the impact you want to make.


The people who are on Facebook don’t have the time or patience to read through all the characters Facebook allows you to write. With this in mind, your Facebook posts should be short and sweet (I usually try to keep posts under 200 characters). They should also be eye-catching, so it’s always a good idea to put a picture that conveys your message in order to attract your audience’s attention, but remember that not every post has to have a photo.


Since almost every person who uses Twitter incorporates hashtags into their tweets, it only makes sense to use trending topics in order to attract a new audience. When a trending topic relates to your business, it always helps to include that into your tweet. This allows for anyone following the discussion to see your post and will attract new followers.


Let’s face it; Pinterest is all about the pretty photos. It’s what attracts us to the pictures, what makes us want to repin them and what makes others do the same. That being said, the thing most people forget about is that the description under the photo is just as important as the photo itself. Remember to post detailed information in order to further explain the photo while keeping it short and sweet. The post shouldn’t be a novel riddled with hashtags.

If you follow these guidelines, your posts will go over well on every social media platform.


*image courtesy of hyderabadsocialmedia.com


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