Is LinkedIn the Facebook for Business’?


Lately I’ve been noticing that the types of postings people are putting on LinkedIn seem to be more personal and include parts of their work life. What initially made me realize this was because I saw people checking in to their work or work functions on Foursquare and posting the check in on their LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn is a place where businesses can communicate in the same way two friends can communicate with each other on Facebook. They can search for employees just as a person can search for friends on Facebook, companies can let followers know about awards they have recently received, and post company blogs.

It’s postings like this that make me wonder; is LinkedIn is the Facebook of businesses? Let’s examine some similarities:

Searching For a Person

Let’s say, for instance, that a person is going on a blind date but they want to know what the person looks like before meeting up with them. What might they do? Look the person up on Facebook. The same is true if an employer wants to know more about a person coming in to interview with the company. The employer can look up the potential employee on LinkedIn in order to get a better idea of their work history or to know what the person looks like so they can recognize them once the person arrives.

Boasting About Achievements

On Facebook people post about a lottery ticket they won, the amazing day they are having or a new running time. Facebook gives people a chance to write about their personal accomplishments.  LinkedIn allows businesses to write about an award their company just won, what magazine they were just featured in or the review a well-known person made about their company. Both spaces allow for a little bit of boastfulness.


Facebook statuses are littered with people writing about their day or posting a link to their blog to let their followers know what’s going on in their world. LinkedIn allows businesses to do the same thing. A company can post a status about what their company has been up to, upload photos from a recent work outing, or post a link to their blog to show that they are knowledgeable in their field.

Endorsing a person is even similar to liking someone’s post on Facebook.


These are just some of the similarities I’ve been noticing. So what do you think? Is LinkedIn slowly becoming the Businesses Facebook Page? Is that a bad thing or was it just a matter of time?


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