Your Social Media Sites Aren’t Working Because…


I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about companies hiring a “social media” person and winding up disappointed in their work. Along with that I’ve heard that companies don’t know how to use social media sites because all they are doing is posting random comments and are unsure what the next step is.

I think these problems stem from college students who used Facebook all through college and believe since they have it for their own personal use that it will be the same for a company. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using social media for a business isn’t going to translate directly from a personal account. The thing people fail to realize is that when you use social media for a company you are marketing. The most successful social media campaigns are the ones that understand that when you use social media for your business you are essentially implementing the same techniques you would during a traditional marketing campaign but with a twist.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+; all of these are similar to putting out a newspaper ad, except you can customize your message, change it up and get instant feedback. It’s a form of two-way communication with your consumers, but since you are a company you are still marketing.

I’m not sure how many recent college graduates realize that you need to understand marketing in order to run a successful social media campaign. I believe this is something that should be told and taught to each person before beginning a career in social media.

What do you think? Should people have a test you should take, much like the bar exam, in order to get into the social media world or should we let recent college graduates take over our social marketing campaigns without any training?


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