A Childhood Mantra


It’s a lesson we’ve all heard a thousand times… “There’s no I in team.”

This mantra is never more prevalent in my mind then when I work with a group of people who are trying to put on an event. Every day we talk about things that go into making this event a successful one, and half of the things are details I would have never thought about. It’s reasons such as this that working with a group of people who can fill in the gaps you don’t know much about.

This saying is especially important to remember while working by yourself. I started this company over two years ago, and from day one I knew that I would need other people to help me and my clients out in the areas that I do not excel. Sure, I can give my clients a fun and engaging social media presence, run their blogs, or write their press releases, but what I can’t give them is website design, logo creation, and everything that goes along with being visually creative.

So what does any logical business woman do when she wants to give her clients more? Accepts her downfalls, and she searches out someone who possess the skills her clients need.

My point in writing this post would be to remind everyone that teaming up with other people is an incredibly useful and often forgotten tool. Bounce ideas off other people, show someone else your work and see if they have any ideas that would make it even better. Keep in mind that critique is often times a good thing because someone else may see something you might have overlooked.

But most importantly, remember that there’s no I in team.

*image courtesy of freethoughtblogs.com 


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