The Twitter Takeover


Now don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook marketing just as much as the next person, but I have been noticing some trends in social media that are quite surprising. Recently I have seen brands make the switch from Facebook to Twitter. There seem to be more interactions between customers and companies, more companies advertising that they are on Twitter instead of Facebook and more people talking about posts they saw on a companies’ Twitter feed than ever before.

I began to ask myself why this trend would be happening now. Twitter has been around for a long time, but only recently have more companies begun to utilize its potential. I know that there are many reasons, and it mostly depends on the person who runs the social media accounts but I came up with three reasons why I believe Twitter is taking over Facebook.


The component that the internet has always had is the user’s love of anonymity. Facebook doesn’t give that to you because it directly identifies the person, whereas Twitter gives the option of being anonymous.

Twitter allows you to have a conversation with a brand without having everyone who likes the page see it as easily. Unless a company responds to you publicly or retweets you, your conversation remains more private than a conversation on Facebook.

More Targeted Followers

Twitter, to me, is all about your interests and reading a page filled with things that you want to know more about (social media trends, which celebrity is pregnant, if your favorite venue has extra tickets they are giving away for the show that night, etc). Twitter isn’t all of my friends, but rather it’s more tailored to my interests. Followers do something similar, so the information you retweet is more likely to interest your followers. This is a huge advantage for brands. It means that the people who follow you, if they are like me, are interested in what you are saying and not just because you were giving something away a few months back.

Concise Reading

Facebook allows a lot of information to be shared in an (almost) unlimited amount of words, whereas Twitter only allows 140 characters. This means that while on Twitter you only have to read a short amount of information at a time. If a story interests you and you want to read the whole thing you will click on a link. This leaves a shorter amount of time for a brand to catch a person’s attention, but in reality that’s all it takes for a good marketing individual to get a person interested.

I might be completely off base, but I’d love to hear from you. What do you think? Have you seen this shift as well or do you believe Facebook is still dominating the social media world?


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