A Brief Social Recap


There has been a lot of chatter going on about Facebook revealing new changes they have made, why Twitter has been hesitant to change-up their interface, and why both strategies work.

Last month Facebook announced that they will be monitoring your newsfeed content and if it does not live up to the standard Facebook has put into place they will punish your post. This will affect memes posted by users the most.


While Facebook is working on coming up with new changes to make to their site, Twitter has been reluctant to make many large changes to their interface. According to  VP and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Nate Elliott, “Twitter will be most successful if nothing changes from its user experience”. 

Both of these strategies work because people who are on Facebook will gripe about all the changes, but Facebook knows that eventually the users would get used to the changes. Twitter works because users learn that they can expect when they log into Twitter. Twitter always tries to keep their users in mind before making changes to the site.

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What do you think? Would you prefer a social networking site that makes a lot of changes, or stays true to their brand and makes very few changes?


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