Facebook… The Graveyard of Social Media?

Last week I spent my time abroad with limited use of the internet. The biggest thing I realized while trying to catch up on work is that Facebook, at least in my eyes, may be on its way out.

When I had access to the internet I would go on and check all the social networks I use and kept noticing that I was missing almost nothing on Facebook, but I could hardly keep up with the amount of things I missed on Twitter and Instagram. In my experience Facebook has turned into a mass of reposts from Twitter and Instagram. There is almost no new information on there that can’t be found on the other sites, so I have to wonder… why do we even log on anymore?

To test my theory I looked at one photo a celebrity posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The difference in the number of interactions was huge. Below is a photo and text that is identical, the two were posted on the same day, yet the difference in interaction is astounding–

Instagram: 360,000 followers, Facebook: 3.2 million followers, Twitter: 3.35 million followers


ParamoreTwitter (2)


52237 Instagram likes vs. 9405 Facebook likes. 433 Twitter re-tweets vs. 94 Facebook shares. When you look at the number of fans she has on each site the numbers seem even more outstanding. This is just one example of a posting that I have seen recently where more interactions are happening on Instagram and Twitter rather than Facebook. Even more impressive is that the post from Facebook and Twitter came from Instagram, yet fewer interactions happened on Facebook.

It might just be my opinion, but I have a feeling Facebook may have met its match(es).

What do you think? Is Facebook the graveyard of posts?


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