How to Ace a Meeting

interview prep

It might sounds crazy but I love going to meet with clients, new and old. It’s one of the favorite parts of my job. I love getting together for a meeting to talk about what I can do for a company, figuring out what the client wants and researching ways to help them achieve their goals.

I haven’t always felt so excited about these interviews, but I have found some ways that help me shake the nerves I felt.

Take a Deep Breath Nerves can get the best of anyone, but if you just take a deep breath when you’re feeling stressed you will be able to gain your composure and move on. I find this helps the most when I notice that I’m talking too quickly. I’m a fast talker normally, but the second I’m nervous words flow about 100x faster. Taking a deep breath slows down my speech and helps me relax.

Be Yourself The more you are yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel. If you’re not worried about being someone else, the more you can focus on knowing your stuff. Once you focus on that you’ll appear more confident, comfortable and knowledgeable.

Dress The Part If you are anything like me, a good pair of heels is an instant reminder that I’m headed to a business meeting. I usually wear flats in my daily life, so when I put on heels I know that I’m headed somewhere to do business and I am fearless. This could be something like your “power suit / power skirt” or your favorite tie. Wear something that makes you feel powerful. This is a subtle confidence boost that only you know about.

Know Your Stuff As anyone can tell you, knowing your stuff will do more than anything else. If you go into a meeting and can answer all of the interviewer’s questions, have a in depth understanding about the company and / or person you’re talking to, and can show that you are prepared, you’ll impress anyone you meet with. If you even want to go a step further, look up your interviewer on LinkedIn. Knowing what they look like and understanding their job and history might  give you a leg up.


The bottom line is to just have fun. If you seem nervous, it will make other people nervous, but if you’re having fun with the interview and can show you know your stuff, you’ll get the job almost every time. I hope those tips help you calm down and enjoy your interviews and meetings as much as I do.


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