Tips for Getting a Job in Social Media


Now a days everyone and their younger siblings want to work in social media and have experience on their own personal social sites. So how do you set yourself apart from other candidates and score your dream social media job?

Google Yourself– Have you ever Googled your name? Make sure that before you go into a social media interview that you do this because you never know what’s going to pop up. Remember that MySpace page you created a long time ago with some inappropriate photos? Yea, they will see those. Plus, if you are signed up for a bunch of social sites it will show your potential boss that you’ve researched the up and coming sites even if you aren’t a frequent user (just make sure you don’t go and sign up for a bunch of sites in one day just because you want to look good. A starting date that is the same on every site won’t bode well for you either).

Understand more than just Facebook and Twitter– Right now those two are the front-runners in terms of what businesses are using, but in this field you can never get too stuck on one site. Make sure you know enough about other prominent social media sites so that if your potential boss asks you to create one for the company you’ve done some research. It would look even better if you could bring up a social media site that looks like it might be getting ready to take off. Be ready to explain why you think this other site might be the next Facebook and even if the site never takes off, your insight as to what makes for a good social site will impress your potential future employer.

Read a lot of blogs – Staying current on industry trends is crucial. If you pick a few sites to look at each day you will stay current on what is happening in social media that day. Did a big company buy out a site? Why yes they did. You heard about that a week ago and already know that according to Mashable’s research the site will not make it. Being a “hipster” in this arena is never a bad thing; knowing about a trend before others is crucial.

Test out the product– “Oh, yes I did see that Instagram added a video feature that’s similar to Vine, and I have even made a video. The two are similar, but I believe you would get more traction from an Instagram video vs. Vine because users don’t need to have an account to watch the video.” Now doesn’t that sound better than “…uh wow. Instagram video, huh? I wonder how they will do compared to Vine”?

Also, see Mashable’s “10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From”:


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