4 Careers That Make A Successful Social Media Marketer


In the social media world there are many things that come into play in order to successfully market on social networks. A desire to play on Facebook all day cannot be the only thing that makes you flourish in this career. I believe that there are around four different careers that are crucial for a person to be able to understand if they want to be a successful social media marketer.

Customer Service

A lot of what you do while using social media for a business is talking to the customers and hearing what they think. As anyone who has ever worked in customer service will tell you, people tend to give feedback more often if they are not happy with a service, and what could be easier than to write on the company’s Facebook wall to voice their frustration? It is because of this that while running a Facebook page, you need to be able to diffuse a customer, and see what you can do to help.

If you apologize and they respond by complaining further, I have a rule of thumb: If the conversation goes over 4 lines and the person is still upset, make direct contact with them. Give them your e-mail address, phone number or ask for them to send you their number in a private message so that you can further explore the situation on a less public forum. Letting the conversation go too long will look bad for both of you and won’t accomplish anything.

Event Planning

Even if the company you work for doesn’t host events, the general skills that are needed for a person to be a great event planner are the same for a person working in social media. Event planners are detail oriented, great organizers, flexible, and are great at time management.

Public Relations

In PR you spend the majority of your time talking facts and highlighting a company without sounding like your PR is a sales pitch. Essentially, this is social media management. Customers don’t follow brands to have a sales pitch thrust down their throat; customers follow brands to be entertained and to learn more about the company. Just as in PR, social media managers need to inform the customer without looking like an ad, the main difference is that social media allows you to have a little more fun with your words instead of having to stick to a rigid structure.


Ok, this is an obvious one, but I feel as though sometimes people forget that social media is a form of marketing. I like to think of it as an ever-changing billboard that you can get feedback from. Sure, on social media sites you are having fun, talking to the customers and putting up funny pictures, but you are also selling a brand image. It’s because of this that a background in marketing is important for a social media manager. Always remember to maintain brand image while interacting with your audience.

So there you have it; four things that I believe are crucial for a social media manager to be. What do you think? Does someone working in social media need these traits?


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