Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

sam beck

*Quote by Samuel Beckett 

If there is one thing I’ve learned while working with social media, it’s that no customer base stays the same. There is always room for change, and since your customer base is constantly growing and changing, so too should your social media strategy.

The best thing to do with a social media page is to constantly change up the way you’re interacting with your customers. Now I’m not saying to change up something that’s working well, but don’t get too stuck in your ways. It’s always refreshing to see something new on a brand’s page, even if it doesn’t work out exactly how you thought it would.

These types of changes could be adding photos into your postings, asking for the input of the customers, or asking the customers questions, changing the time of the postings, etc. Making small changes like this may make all the difference.

I usually try to do this every other month. I keep the things that are working, but try out new techniques; see if there might be something that works better.

I love the quote from Samuel Beckett because it reminds me that even if something doesn’t work, I can learn from the experience and make the next attempt more successful. I hope that it can help remind you that one failed strategy doesn’t mean you should stop switching up your social media.

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