4 Ways to Run A Company Facebook


In my mind there are four ways to run a company Facebook. Each way will speak to your fans differently, so it is important to pick a way of running a company Facebook that will make your fans the happiest. So what are the four ways I believe a company can choose to run their Facebook?

  1. Deals – This is for the company whose fans want a good deal. These fans are the ones who use the company’s product because they are looking to save money. This would also include giveaways and promotions. This group of fans usually likes companies because they get things for free or they can get a great deal on a product. (e.g. TJ Maxx customers shop there because they know they can get a great deal on designer products. They don’t want to pay full price, so TJ Maxx may want to give their customers deals in order to keep them coming back to their Facebook page.)
  2. Inside Information – This is for the company whose fans are looking to keep up on current trends and know what the company is up to. (e.g. A company such as Apple may choose to use this method to update their followers on the latest gadget they have created. They would use this method to share the up and coming product with their fans.)
  3. News Updates – This is for the company who has to constantly update their fans about things that are happening in the news, around town, or in the industry. (e.g. This could be the hotel that wants to update their fans about an event that those staying at the hotel may be interested in. This could also be an airport who wants to update the travelers about flight delays, or weather that may affect their travels.)
  4. Asking your customer’s opinion- This is for the company that wants to hear what their fans think. Now I know what you are thinking… “What company doesn’t want their customer’s opinion?” But what I’m talking about here is the company who may want to create a new product or write a new article but don’t want to create or write something that their fans aren’t interested in. (e.g. This could be the magazine who wants to know if their fans would rather hear about story x or story y more? Why waste time writing an article that might not go over well if you could just ask the fans and get instant response?)

What do you think? Does this encompass the ways of running a Facebook, or is there something missing?

*image courtesy of allsocialservices.com


3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Run A Company Facebook

  1. I think #4 is the most important. Getting a crapload of users is one thing, but actually giving a crap is another…

      1. Exactly Shannon! Too many people running around trying to get people to follow them without actually caring about the people following them!

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