Creating Customer Friendly Content


By now everyone  has probably realized that the posts a company puts on their social media sites more often than not don’t come from a company’s PR team, but rather a person who has created the content using their own personal style. This is what makes social media content more interesting than a company’s press release.

Interested in making your content more customer friendly? Follow these 3 basic principles:

  1. Don’t make it sound so formal… if you don’t have to. Customers are less likely to relate to a post that sounds like the company is uptight or rigid. The average customer is on Facebook or Twitter to interact with their friends, catch up with what people are doing and peruse pictures. If you are posting content that is formal, you will most likely lose the customer’s attention.
  2. Keep it fun! Other traditional marketing techniques don’t allow you to play around with your message as often as social media does. This permits you to write some entertaining, and engaging posts that your customers can interact with and let you know what they are thinking. Customers are more likely to comment, like and share if you provide them with appealing, upbeat content. You can even add some humor that relates to your company in order to show off your company’s less serious side.
  3. Make it your own. I’m not talking about putting up content from your personal life, but rather putting your own voice into the text. Unless you do social media for bigger corporations, you most likely have some leeway as to how you want to have your voice sound. Make your posts sound like a person wrote it, instead of it looking like an excerpt out of your latest marketing update.

After you have spent some time getting to know your customers, you can tailor your posts to what you know they like. These tips should help you involve your customers in your social media efforts without them even knowing it.


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