Using SEO to Improve Your Rankings


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tool that helps search engines such as Google or Bing find your site and bring it to people who are trying to find your site. The steps below should help you start to improve your search engine ranking while allowing you to understand how your customers are attempting to find your business.

  1. Do your research– Use sites such as Google Keywords ( to research what words people are using to find your product
  2. Seamlessly integrate keywords into your web copy– No one wants to read a post that has the same 5 words repeated over and over again. When you’re writing your copy, make sure it flows while still using your keywords
  3. Include search terms in the title of your post– When Google spiders the web it will read the title first. If you add the terms into the title as well as the body of the post Google will pick up on your website faster and you will see more targeted results.
  4. Link your keywords to other postings on your website– Google puts a substantial amount of importance on linking. If your website uses relevant keywords, Google will notice. (Just don’t go too overboard. Over linking will not only make your human viewers slightly aggravated because they could potentially keep clicking off your post, but Google will penalize you for over linking.)
  5. Use SEO in your social postings– Google shows Twitter updates in its search results. Including keywords in your updates will gain exposure even when users aren’t searching social media sites.

SEO is constantly changing and improving. It’s a tool that is so important for any business owner or copy writer to know. With this foundation, you’ll be able to improve your search engine rankings and bring more traffic to your site.

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