One or the Other


If there is one thing I have learned while working in social media, it’s that the chatter never stops. People never stop following you, commenting on your postings, asking questions or craving more information.

In order to be successful in the social media world, a company needs to have the time to monitor the conversations happening on their sites or they should hire someone on so their pages are never unattended. It’s usually obvious when a company tries to monitor social media on their own and either doesn’t have the time, or has someone in-house who doesn’t know what they are doing. The telltale signs that this is happening are when postings are often few and far between, comments and questions are left unanswered, or they have a huge following but no one interacts with the postings.

The last one can happen when the brand is well-known, but the company doesn’t post information their customers want to hear. This can also happen when the postings are so infrequent that when the company does post, the message is lost in the customers’ news feeds because they aren’t used to looking for updates.

The problem with not having a consistent amount of information flowing from a company’s social media sites is that eventually people will realize that there is no new information up and eventually stop returning to the site, or worse they unlike the page. This can happen if the customer asks questions or requests more information but never hear anything back. Not responding to these inquiries is just as bad as not responding to a customer when they e-mail your company directly.

It is for these reasons, and so many more, that I firmly believe that a company either should have a lot of time to devote to social media, or they should hire someone on. There is far too much going on to leave a social media site unattended.

Do you agree with this assessment? Leave your comments in the section below. 

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