A Generation of Jeans and T-shirts



Since it’s Friday I believe that a post about dressing casual is in order. Lately I have been noticing a trend towards more casual clothing in the work place. I’m not just talking about Friday, but the work week in general.

Most of my friends work in situations where business casual is down played. Most of them can wear fun dresses, slacks with polo t-shirts, or button downs with no ties, and it’s considered “business casual”. This type of dress lends itself to causal Fridays where jeans and sweatshirts are appropriate attire.

Since I work from home my “work wear” usually consists of jeans with a t-shirt, so when I go and meet my friends after they get off work I am always surprised at how similar our outfits look, even on a Tuesday.

I like that we can work in an environment where we can dress casual and still be taken seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there is a time and place for the suit and I even like throwing that on every once in a while.

My point is that I think that as long as our outfits still look put together and we don’t show up in our pajamas, I believe that we can work in a world where T-shirt and jeans are the new business casual.

What do you think? Has our attire made the workplace less professional or just more casual?


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