The Holiday Work Ethic

As anyone in the work force can tell you, the days leading up to a major holiday are relatively low in productivity; which is bizarre because we will spend the next few days away from the office. Our motivation those days are much like it is on a Friday because our minds are set on the long weekend that’s ahead.

I think this mentality is common because there is so much that goes into planning Thanksgiving. We are thinking about what things we still need to buy at the grocery store, what we are going to wear, where we are going for Black Friday and more.

I could sit here and list ways to be more productive, but every other site will be doing those types of posts. In light of this, today’s post will have a little less of a work focus and more on ways to be productive in other ways.

Below are a few links that will help you this Thanksgiving-

Things you may need for food (if you are in charge of cooking something):

Outfit ideas for women: or

For men:

Where to shop for Black Friday:

How to burn off those Holiday pounds: or a list of several ways to work off the pounds

I hope that these tips help make the holidays a little bit easier. Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!


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