Do Majors Even Matter Anymore?

Let’s continue on this road of getting to know each other. What I’d love to talk about is college and the one or many majors you “decided on” during your time there.

I think a lot of us either are someone or know someone who started out thinking they would be in a certain career but wound up in something completely different. I have a friend who started college in chemistry, switched to English lit and finished with a degree in French. Now she’s going for a master’s in Communication. It’s amazing how many of these stories there are.

More and more we are finding ourselves working jobs that have nothing to do with the major we started in, and unless you’re in a specialized field I don’t think it matters.

I was one of the people who finished in the same field I started in. The difference is that I started with the communication degree thinking that I would be a journalist, then I worked in the fashion industry for a few years and finally found myself in social media. Somehow everything just sorts itself out. I also know that this won’t be the field I end my working life in. The job will change, and that’s one of the most exciting parts about the time in which we work.

With so many stories like this, I have to wonder, do majors even matter anymore?

Did you start in a field of study and finish with something different, or graduate with a degree you do nothing with? I’d love to hear your story! Leave it in the comments below.


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